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  • We create for those that inspire our future. Praba750 is shifting perspective from within a traditional system to be a driving force for change, by engaging positive initiatives, by contributing to social and environmental progress, by striving for total transparency.
  • We craft pieces of jewellery that can be held with timeless value, while representing purpose and ethical progress.


  • Praba750 is solid gold, fine jewellery at an honest price. We are applying a new business model to a historically opaque and fragmented industry, with a confusing number of intermediaries.
  • Traditionally fine jewellery is marked up 8-10 times between manufacturer and consumer, but we’re not about that.
  • We are the designers. We are the manufacturers. Then we bring it directly to you with the smallest markup possible. Goodbye middleman and retail markups. Hello fair price.


  • Praba750 is a new kind of jewellery craft that pairs ethical awareness and commitment to refinement. We produce with recycled solid gold, going beyond fair-mining, to create a completely sustainable value chain.
  • It is our duty to be a positive alternative to uncontrolled gold mining that subjects the world to economic exploitation, human rights violations, child labour abuses and environmental risks.
  • Recycled gold is an innovative and promising response that respects our rigorous ethical standards.


  • Praba750 is a progressive alternative to outsourcing of craftsmanship and skills, by producing everything in our own workshop. A space dedicated to excellence in jewellery making that uses craftsmanship to bring forth change with our dedication to one particular material – ethical gold.
  • We ensure sustainable development all along our value chain in pursuit of our mission of transparency and purpose. Guaranteeing our traceability from raw material to jewellery box. Completely made in Europe.